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B – Contact Ltd. specializes in the production and trade of chlorine-containing products-disinfectants – Bleach (Sodium hypochlorite), Liquid chlorine and Calcium hypochlorite /Chlorinated lime/, as well as other chemical goods including: Hydrated lime, Hydrochloric acid, Iron trichlorite and others.

The company was registered at the beginning of 2000 as an enterprise with low risk potential. A Complex permit has been issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.

In its activities, the company complies with all legal requirements, having all the necessary permits for the distribution of biocides Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite), Liquid Chlorine and Calcium Hypochlorite (Chlorinated lime). Production process is certified according to ISO 9001, 14001, 45001. The sale of the products is accompanied by the issuance of a certificate and an analysis certificate. See all our products >>

B – Contact Ltd. supports its own transport service.

The efforts of the management and all employees are aimed at satisfying the requirements of the customers. The company maintains high quality of products Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite), Liquid Chlorine and Calcium Hypochlorite (Chlorinated lime) and competitive prices.

B – Contact Ltd. has excellent positions on the market in Bulgaria, and also abroad – Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Macedonia, Albania and Romania.


The management system of B – Contact Ltd., Byala, has been evaluated and approved for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, which guarantees the high quality of produced products.