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Calcium hypochlorite /Chlorinated lime/

The production of chlorinated lime is carried out by direct chlorination of calcium hydroxide /hydrated lime/ with a chlorine-air mixture in “fluidized bed” conditions. It is produced in a concentration according to the client’s request, 10% – 31% active chlorine content.

The product is available in the following packages:

  • per pallet 1 ton in 20 kilogram PE/PP bags;
  • 5 kg. PE packaging.

Application: Disinfection of drinking water, sanitary facilities, livestock farms, decontamination of arable land, treatment of fish hatcheries and others.

Sodium hypochlorite /bleach/

The production of sodium hypochlorite /bleach/ is based on the chlorination of a dilute solution of a sodium base with a chlorine-air mixture.

It is available in single cubic IBC – containers, as well as in customers’ containers.

Application: Disinfection of drinking water, swimming pools, disinfection of domestic and industrial premises and others.

Liquid chlorine

Origin of chlorine: Republic of Romania. Chlorine is distributed to customers in special containers with own transport.

Application: For the production of chlorine-containing products and decontamination of drinking water.


Hydrated lime /Calcium hydroxide/

Excellent quality, applicable in construction.

IBC – Containers /second-hand/ with a volume of 1 cubic meter.